Your Wedding Story. Perfected

Incredible Picture Quality. Slo-Motion to increase that emotional vibe. Breathtaking movement. Incredible Shots. Re-Live Your Wedding Day Through The Magic of Our Wedding Films

Music Video Style Makes Your Wedding Film Awesome!

Relive Your Priceless Moments Again and Again!


Fun.Your film is perfectly retold. totally rewatchable + sharable.

Unique.Slo-mo.sweeping movement. fun music. All things not found in other films.

Your Choice. You can choose your song. your taste means you’ll love it

guaranteed. our promise that you’ll love your film. or your money back.

Lighting Fast Delivery Gets You Your Footage Fast

Why wait months for your wedding film when you can have it in weeks? When you work with GH Wedding Films, you get to re-live your wedding day sooner. Share with friends and family as soon as its ready

Delivered Get your film fast

keep delivered on usb. plays on smart tvs and computers. better than dvds

digital share your film online with friends and family instantly.


Filmmaker Angles Give You Hundreds Of Amazing Shots


Don’t Settle for a camera on a tripod. No movement. Boring. Camera stabilization systems, run-n-gun shooting means you get hundreds of amazing shots stitched together to create an incredible piece of art. Your Wedding Film.



See Reactions from Friends and Family

Experience The Parts of the day you missed

Feel like you're back there living it again

Take The Confusion Out Of Wedding Videography.


Full Film? Documentary? Highlights? Raw Footage? Cinematographer vs Filmmaker? Don’t worry. We’ll give you EVERYTHING you’ll need to re-live your wedding day, for one amazing price.



First Look: Experience his reaction all over!

Ceremony: Hear those vows again

 First Dance: Remember that magic moment

 Parent Dances: See it from a new angle

 Speeches: Crystal clear audio

 Cake Cutting: Hear the audience reaction

 and MORE

You Want The Best Combination of Interesting & Seeing Everything.

We Offer The Best Of Both Worlds.

Highlight + Documentary

(all for one amazing price)


Your Package Includes The Following...



1. Wedding Highlights Film

3-5 Minute Length: Perfect Duration To Show it All While Keeping it interesting.

Popular Song: You Can Choose it So You Know You'll Love it!

Slo-Mo Style: Lets you really feel those moments

2. Documentary Film

40-90 Minute Length: See all your main events from start to finish. Miss nothing!

HD Picture: Perfect Picture Quality lets you watch it like you're in audience

Pro Audio: Hear those important words clearly and feel the emotion in them

3. All Day Coverage

Preps to Cake: I'm there to capture it all

No charge for extra hours. no surprise bill at end of night

Don’t get caught paying CRAZY FEEs because your coverage ran out mid way through your reception. We don’t limit you like that.

We stay until the story is over.

4. USB Delivery


Comes in Gift Box: Timeless heirloom you'll treasure forever

Sturdy Build: Won't break like DVDs

Plays on Computers + TVs. no need for DVD player (what are those?)

An incredible way to preserve your memories forever. A decorative USB thumb houses your treasured films.

5. Digital Delivery


Share Instantly: Let your friends and family see your film as soon as you're ready

24/7 Access: Watch or Show your film anytime anywhere

Downloadable: Lets you download film to any computer so you always have a copy

As soon as your film is ready, digital delivery lets you watch it instantly. Share with friends and family. Get raves on social media. Let family members download the films on their own computer for safe keeping. All stored on the cloud FOREVER

6. Unlimited Locations


Multiple Photo Spots? Im there with you! Free

No Fee: No surprise invoice for travel. 

Some other companies will limit the travel they provide you. Rest assured, wherever you go, we are. Multiple photo locations? GH is there. FREE

7. You Can Choose The Song


Expert help: I'll curate songs for you to help you make the perfect choice

Song License Included:  We're staying professional and legal so nobody is sued!

Choose Your Own Song: So you know you'll love it

Instead of letting other videographers bully you into letting them pick your song, let us help you find the right song for your film. You deserve a say! GH will work WITH YOU to match a song to your style, music preference and theme of wedding.

8. Wedding Filmmaker Greg Hoffman


Your Personal Filmmaker: So no guessing who’s showing up on day of wedding (unlike other companies)

Your PersonEditor: Because I was there, I can make the best editing choices for your film

Constant Communication: You get 24/7 access to me before during and after wedding so you're always in the loop and not left guessing.

Instead of wondering who is going to show up and be with your wedding party for the entire day, rest assured you will have exclusively GH himself filming everything. No outsourcing to random “2nd shooters” found on the internet like other companies. No weirdos making people uncomfortable.

Greg is like a NINJA. Gets the shots .Makes you feel comfortable. Almost like he’s not even there.



(only $625 to hold your date)

We Accept Check. Debit Card. Credit Card. Paypal. Venmo. Cash

My GUARANTEE to You...


Im So Sure You Will LOVE Your Films And Your Experience Working With Me, Im Willing To Offer FREE Fixes To Your Film if you want changes AND If Thats Not Good Enough I'll Give You my..... 


 100% Money Back GUARANTEE

(No Other Wedding Studios Will Offer This)

 I've Seen Other Videography Companies That Charge 2x, 3x or even 5X what you do. Why are your prices so much lower?

Unlike other videography companies who will hire random "2nd shooters" and have in house editors and a large studio space (large overhead), I personally shoot and edit each wedding exclusively. Meaning, I do NOT outsource any work to anyone else. You will personally have me shoot and edit your film. This streamlined process lets me keep my prices fair.

If there is only 1 videographer, how can you get all the shots?

Unlike the traditional style of placing my camera on a tripod, locking down in one spot and aiming at what you see... I physically move the camera all over the place like a photographer would. I get 4x more shots than someone on a tripod which allows me to get a variety of angles, shots, subjects etc. All my films you see are shot by 1 shooter. 

My friends wedding film has dialogue in it from the speeches, why do yours only have music?

I believe "Music Video Style" gives you a more fun, re-watchable, and overall better experience wedding film. I can promise your film will be awesome thanks to my shooting system. I don't have to worry about your officiant giving a good ceremony or your speech givers not being nervous to create you an amazing film. Plus the song is something you can choose! 

I just want a Highlight Film. Im going to ask my friends to use their cell phones to record the ceremony + speeches Can I just buy the Highlight Film and hire you for fewer hours for a cheaper price?

I've crafted my package based on years of working with couples to give you the perfect package that gives you everything you'd want from wedding videography. So many times Ive had couples contact me after the wedding day has passed asking for the speeches / ceremony after only ordering a highlight film.

Your Highlight Film is from 3-5 Minutes in Duration. Is that long enough?

I edit your film to one song of your choice. I find this length is perfect duration to show you everything from your day in an exciting and fun manner without getting boring. This makes it re-watchable and fun! However, I do offer an upgrade to DOUBLE the length of your film for just a small fee. Ask me about it when you contact me!

Do you work well with my photographer?

My goal is be on the same team with all your vendors... to make sure your wedding day is amazing without us getting in the way. If your film is awesome but photos stink, then Ive failed to do my job. I want everything to be perfect, so I work close with your photographer to ensure we both get all the shots we need to give you amazing photos and videos

Other Companies Ive contacted will outsource the work to random people, who will film my wedding?

ME. Greg Hoffman. I personally film AND edit your wedding. You will directly be working with me ( and me alone) for the entire process from booking to delivery of your film. You will have my personal cell phone number, email ,skype etc in case you need anything at anything. I do not believe in outsourcing work to random people. You deserve to work closely with the vendors on your big day!

Do you do this full time? Do you do other work? Commercials etc?

This is my full time job. I shoot anywhere from 40-70 Weddings a year. Ive been booked up for the last two years. I do not have a 9-5 and dabble in weekend warrior videography like so many others. I do not do commercials work or shoot on anything other than weddings. This lets me focus on giving you the best product possible and deliver it lighting fast.

Can we meet or Skype before 

Sure! I love meeting couples who value wedding videography and want to document their big day the right way. I always meet couples in coffee shops or Skype if were not close by. 

It Says "Apply" to work with you. What does that mean?

For the last two years I've been fully booked and moving forward I only want to work with couples who value videography and arent just having me there "just because". I want you to be treated like family during the whole process start to finish. Its important we're on the same page for all the important shots you want, song choice, plan for the day etc. So I'll take a specific number of weddings each year and for any given date I'll get multiple requests. This is why I say "Apply" Spots are limited, but once we agree to work together you can expect the absolute best from me. I promise to be your best vendor! 

We Love it! How Do We Book You?

Click on "APPLY TODAY" and send me a request. Ill get back to you in less than 12 hours with a response. Once we agree were a good fit for each other, I'll send you an electronic contract to sign and payment gateway. Imaging having your Wedding Videographer booked TONIGHT

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See More Reviews by clicking HERE



Meet Your New Wedding Videographer


Former Tennis Coach turned Wedding Videographer

Greg Hoffman Is based in Southern NJ 

He creates stunning Wedding Films for Couples looking for a fantastic way to capture and experience their wedding day.

Greg works with you, listens to what you’re looking for and delivers just that. He makes you feel comfortable on the day of the wedding. Works amazingly well with your other vendors and is like a fly on the wall getting all the shots he needs to craft your film.

Greg will be the easiest vendor you ever work with!

You will have 24/7 access to Greg before, during and after the wedding. Text, Skype, Meet in Person. ANYTHING.

Your own exclusive video pro.