Why Uncle Bob Will Ruin Your Wedding Video


A few years ago....

I was a guest at a wedding when I got to talking to a couple sitting at my table...

It came up that I film wedding for a living and they mentioned they 

didn't get a video...

"why not?" I asked.

"Because we went to a wedding and the videographer had this giant camera with a spotlight on it and was always in the way and generally was taking attention off what was going on" 

"ahh" I thought... an Uncle Bob had struck again!!

What is an "Uncle Bob?"

This is a term used by Modern Wedding Videographers to refer to old school video guys who use giant old cameras, annoy guests, dress like slobs and make awful videos

Grainy. Boring. Long. Terrible


They always look like someone's "Uncle Bob".

A fat sweaty guy not properly dressed holding a giant camera on his shoulder and bugging all the guests. 

(sorry to any Uncle Bobs who aren't these things... I didn't make up the term)

Everyone who has seen their parents wedding video thinks...

"this is what all Wedding Films Videos are" 

Just a guy pointing a camera at stuff and its long + boring.

Well Im here to tell you Uncle Bobs are still out there and you

need to avoid hiring one.

Heres how to make sure you don't hire an "Uncle Bob"

When interviewing wedding videographers...

ask the following questions

1: Do you do this full time?
some videographers only shoot weddings on the weekend for extra cash. They don't stay up to date on technology, gear, film styles etc. You don't want someone who only shoots a few weddings a year

2: What gear will you bring to the wedding?
you don't have to know the camera model but generally if they start talking about giant lights, cables, massive "broadcast" quality cameras.... then thats a giant red flag. You don't want a guy with a newscamera blinding your guests on the dance floor with the bat signal shining on them.

3: Do you work alone or bring an assistant? 
there is nothing wrong with working alone. (I work alone) But you want to make sure that if they do bring other videographers, that they are part of his team and not a random guy he found 2 days before the wedding. These are called "2nd shooters" and they can be great if they work with the head videographer all the time, but you do not want a rando showing up and interacting with your family and friends

IF you ask these questions... you should have a good idea if you're dealing with an "Uncle Bob" or a true professional. 

Okay thats all for today!

Hope you enjoyed and learned never to hire an "Uncle Bob"