Each film includes your entire day captured and produced by cinematographer Greg Hoffman using a cinematic and story telling approach.

Your film will be comprised of the day’s most compelling, entertaining and important moments. Each film consists of the following:

  • Cinematographer Greg Hoffman

  • A artistic composed film

  • Filmed and Delivered in High Definition | Professional Audio Recording System

  • Digital Delivery and Download


An incredible telling of your day’s story featuring signature vibrant film style. Perfect for those looking for an amazing way to relive their day.

  • 8 Hour Day of Coverage

  • Scored to 1 Cinematic Song.

  • Estimated 3-4 Minutes Duration.

The Wedding Featurette

a Cinematic short film featuring the spoken words from your day artistically woven into the fabric of your film.

  • 9 Hour Day of Coverage

  • Scored to 2-3 Songs.

  • Estimated 5-6 Minutes Duration

The Wedding Feature

The Ultimate way to relive your day. Featuring the highest quality audio and sound possible edited perfectly in a 7-9 minute feature film scored to 3-4 songs

  • 10 Hour Day of Coverage

  • Scored to 3-4 Songs.

  • Estimated 7-9 Minutes Duration