When I first watched our wedding video with my husband, I had tears in my eyes! We had already received our wedding pictures, but this brought our day to life in a totally different way! It captured looks, laughs, and moments in a different way than pictures show. Working with Greg was so comfortable and easy, and he made sure he covered every angle without ever being in the way, even of the photographer. Our families loved the video and shared it with friends and co-workers, and I had compliments on the video from people I barely knew! We are so pleased with the professional, beautiful video, and how quickly we received it after the wedding. I would recommend Greg to other couples as a necessary part of recording their special day.

My friend recommend using Greg Hoffman films for our wedding and I am so happy that we did! Working with Greg was absolutely incredible! He was very responsive and timely. We really enjoyed the entire planning process working with him and the wedding day. He arrived on time and worked so hard the entire day! I definitely recommend using Greg Hoffman Films for your wedding!


Greg is absolutely amazing at what he does. He created a beautiful video that perfectly captures the spirit of our wedding day and we have received endless compliments on it. He is very laid back and easy to work with and it almost felt as if he were working around us, while still capturing every single moment. It definitely wasn't one of those weddings that the videographer and camera were in everyones face, you hardly knew he was there but he did not miss a beat. I HIGHLY recommend Greg for your big day!


We got married a few months ago and are still completely obsessed with watching our wedding video. Greg was hired by a girlfriend of mine for her upcoming wedding. Unfortunately she had to cancel her plans and the moment I got engaged she didn't hesitate to show me his work and insisted I give him a call. Which i did and we are so happy we did! One minute into one of his videos and I knew he was the guy for the job! He really captures the love and makes your wedding night one to remember. I relive it every time I watch our video! He was super attentive and made sure we got great shots while also directing us, which we appreciated so much. Without question, he was one of the best parts of our wedding and till this day people still gush over our video.


My oldest daughter got married 2016, my youngest daughter just got married September 2018. Greg did both of my daughters wedding videos. His work and Greg are wonderful !! Listens to what the bride and groom want. Gives his professional opinion ,which is great. Outstanding work, beautiful ! His videos are so different than a regular video. The way he films it, places music perfectly through out the video. I am so glad that Greg did my daughters wedding videos. These will be watched for years. Thank you very much!


Greg is an awesome videographer and the easiest person to work and communicate with. One thing we really loved about him was how he was never invasive but always present. He never interrupted the flow of the day to get his shots, yet he captured them at the best moments. We also felt that his consultation with us was very thorough. He asked the right questions to understand every detail of our day but was also very understanding and easy going if we didn't have an answer. He was very flexible and went with the flow.

Something else that completely shocked us, was the return on the wedding videos, both full length and highlight reel. We literally were on our honeymoon watching our wedding video. And the highlight video was AMAZING. So many people told us how much they loved the video and how they felt like they were there! We felt like he completely captured our day from beginning to end and told our story perfectly.

Overall, we would highly recommend Greg's service. He is totally worth it.

-Kiersten Leah

Greg was fantastic! He made us an incredible wedding video! It exceeded our expectations BY FAR! He was easy to work with, you didn’t even realize he was there. Our video came out so amazing, it really is our most precious memory from that day. Book Greg! You will not regret it!


Greg was absolutely amazing. His videos makes it seem like your day had no flaws! He made sure to grasp the most important aspects of your day. Totally affordable and he is very very nice. He will work side by side with your photographer. I highly recommend him! You will have no regrets.


Greg was GREAT! He knew exactly what shots to get so nothing took time away from our day. Guests complimented us saying they didn't even notice he was there, but he still seemed to get amazing footage. We would definitely recommend Greg to shoot your wedding. Thank you Greg!


Wow, what can I say? We are BEYOND ecstatic with Greg's work. From the first time we met, all the way through and beyond our wedding, Greg was super accommodating and went above and beyond our expectations. He was willing to work well within our budget to create a unique package for us that included a highlights video that was beautifully artistic and romantic, and a posterity film that captured all of the important parts of any wedding day. The videos.. I cannot stop watching them. We've received so many compliments on Greg's work! If you are debating on booking videography for you're wedding, do not hesitate to book with Greg. He will be sure to beautifully and artfully capture all of the wonderful parts of your wedding. Thank you so much Greg!

-Carly & CJ

We cannot say enough good things about Greg! He was such a pleasure to work with. Very fun and professional. Not only were we blown away by our video, our friends and family cannot stop talking about it! You will not be disappointed booking with Greg! Check out Greg’s video of us.

-Nick and Danielle 6/24/18.

Greg is amazing! He is super nice and very professional. Even my photographer made a comment to me about how easy he was to work with and that he was the nicest videographer she has ever worked with. When Greg sent us our wedding video we instantly fell in love! He did a phenomenal job! I just kept watching it over and over again. All of our family and friends loved it and said how great of a job he did and couldn’t believe how fast he got it back to us. Now we will always have these amazing videos to look back on to remember our special day. I am so happy that I picked Greg to be our videographer for our wedding and I highly recommended him!


Best. Wedding. Video. Ever! Definitely worth every penny!


Greg is amazing to work with. ANYTHING we wanted/needed was taken care of. His attention to detail made everything easy and worry free for us on our wedding day. We HIGHLY recommend Greg-he is the ultimate professional! Thanks for everything Greg!


My husband and I used Greg for our wedding on October 21, 2017. From the beginning, Greg was very easy to work with and always replied within a timely manner. On the day of our wedding, he made both of us feel very comfortable on camera and we barely even noticed when he was taping us, allowing us to enjoy our day. The highlight video we received turned out beautiful and we are so happy we chose Greg to capture our memories. Thanks so much!


My husband and I used Greg for our wedding on December 1st, 2017. We are obsessed with the highlight video and the posterity. He did an amazing job at capturing our big day and making every part beautiful. He is truly talented and was a pleasure to work with. We are so happy to have chosen him to capture our big day. If you are looking for a videographer you have to choose Greg, you will not be disappointed.


Absolutely amazing! Quick turn around time, too! Exactly what we were hoping for and more! I’d recommend Greg to everyone!!Absolutely amazing!


I got married October 14,2017 and Greg was our videographer for the wedding! At first contact with him, he was professional and accommodating and willing to work with my budget. He answered any questions I had and helped smooth over those last minute details. Greg made myself and my wedding party very comfortable in front of the camera, sometimes you did not even know he was there! He worked very well alongside my photographer as well!
Our wedding video was more than I could have imagined! He captured all the special moments and put his own special creative twist on it
Would highly recommend Im to any upcoming brides and grooms!


My husband and I cannot express how much we loved working with Greg! Our video is absolutely stunning and it captured our wedding day perfectly. Greg was so easy to work with and we appreciated how quickly he got his shots and how comfortable he made us feel. We never felt like we needed to "act" or repeat things in order for him to get the perfect shot. He also worked so incredibly well with our photographer. They were always on the same page and collaborated effortlessly on what they needed for photos and video so that my husband and I were able to enjoy every part of our day. We would HIGHLY recommend Greg to anyone looking for amazing quality video that captures the emotion of your special day!


Greg did an AMAZING job capturing our wedding. My husband isn’t the most comfortable in front of cameras and Greg made him and everyone comfortable. Highly recommended!


Greg was the absolute best choice my husband and I could have picked for our wedding video! He was so easy to work with (I on the other hand am not easy) and he accomplished everything we wanted! He captured our day so perfectly. We only had one issue which was not Greg's fault, when he shipped our video, it got lost. When I told him we hadn't received it, he immediately shipped a new one out and tracked it to make sure we received it! Our day was so hectic and it flew by so fast that I am so grateful we will always have the video he did to look back on! If I could give more than 5 stars, I would! Thank you so much Greg!


Greg style is just what we were looking for ! He is easygoing and fun to work with it without loosing professionalism ! We couldn’t ( can’t ) stop smiling when we saw our video ! His ability to catch every emotion and detail is just amazing ! We will definitely be using his services again !


Greg was awesome! Having video taken of you could feel weird but he made my now husband and I fell so comfortable in front of the camera. We cannot wait to see the work he did for our wedding video!


Greg did an amazing job on our wedding video. We were blown away by how wonderful our highlight film came out. We have watched it over and over again, and our friends and family members cannot stop raving about how perfect it is! To top it all off, he had it ready for us within about a week of our wedding! Highly recommend. :)


Greg is awesome and so down to earth. I swear everyone said that our wedding video was the best video they’ve ever seen (some even shed a tear) and that’s all thanks to Greg’s creativity and eye. He got along with our photographer which is important as (you’ll notice on your special occasion) they both need or would like the same shot and/or to borrow the couple for a quick second. It was great working with Greg, felt like we knew him forever and we were so pleased with his work.


Greg did such a fantastic job on both of our wedding videos! We decided to get a posterity video as well as a highlight video and we recommend both. Our highlight video was so well done, it truly is a professional job. Greg has such a great eye and is so talented and easy to work with. With the posterity video I was able to see everything a bride doesn't get to see! All my bridesmaids walking in to our ceremony and reception. I get to relive our vows and hear the speeches at the reception. We highly recommend Greg, he made our memories so perfect.


We were so happy that we chose Greg as our wedding videographer. Leading to our wedding day he was always very friendly and seemed to calm down the anxiety that comes with planning your big day. When that day did arrive, Greg was the first vendor to show. He was prepared, professional, and very helpful. He knew the shots he wanted and had a plan in place for the highlight/trailer video. Amazingly, we received the video the day we arrived home from our honeymoon, only 2 weeks from the wedding day. With the video was a kind message, informing us that if we want to make any edits, just to let him know, and he would take care of it. The only comment we had, however, was "THANK YOU!!!!" The video was absolutely beautiful and even as I write this, nearly 4 months after our wedding date, we are still getting compliments on the video. I would HIGHLY recommend Greg Hoffman Wedding Films. Wedding planning is stressful enough and choosing a high-quality videographer like Greg ensures you'll have one less thing to worry about.


We had Greg film our wedding on 09/01/17 and it was nothing short of perfection! He is an absolute master at his craft, and makes you feel very comfortable throughout the whole process (including before the big day). All of my friends and family were just as blown away with the final product as my husband and I are. If you are looking for a videographer to capture your big day, look no further than Greg Hoffman films! He truly allows us to relive the most incredible day of our lives with the amazing end product he gave to us. I am extremely grateful that we chose him for our wedding!


My wife and I reached out to Greg after realizing that many of the Pennsylvania wedding videographers we found online were way out of our price range. We were able to find his vemeo account and we immediately fell in love with his vision for optics. 

Greg was very flexible with setting up a meeting date and time as well as a location that was easier for us. During our meeting it became clear that Greg was interested in learning about who we were as individuals as well as a couple. To be honest I didn’t understand his approach until I was able to see the finished product of our wedding video. By learning about us, and our love he was able to truely capture amazing moments with our amazing loved ones. 

Needless to say Greg has been an amazing videographer for us, and we have reached out in several occasions to seek additional work from him. 

I would recommend Greg Hoffman to anyone that is having a wedding, birthday party, or anything that requires amazing video production. He truely is the best my wife and i have ever worked with.


Showed Extreme professionalism, the attention to detail was Second to none and was very descriptive in what he wanted when it came to certain scenes that may have required a few necessary touches to make it the best it could possibly be. We were also pleasantly surprised with the affordability of his prices, considering the great quality of his work! It’s not often that you get extreme quality with great pricing.


I am in love with my video from Greg! We got married in June and I received the video within the time frame he told me it would be ready... I've watched the highlight video once a day since! It really looks like a Hollywood movie trailer! I am so glad I chose to get a videographer to capture everything since it all goes by so fast! Greg was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. I highly recommended him!


Greg was extremely easy to work with and provided exceptional service on our big day. Greg’s pricing is reasonable and the product is even better. You will not be disappointed!


My husband and I used Greg as the videographer at our wedding in June. We must say that we are beyond pleased with Gregs work. He is incredibly talented and was very prompt in responding to all of our emails and questions. Greg was able to capture the emotions and love on the day of our wedding in such a beautiful way and we are forever grateful! It was also a nice surprise to receive our highlight video in only three weeks and it is absolute perfection. My husband and I were on the fence about hiring a videographer for our wedding since they can be expensive, but working with Greg assured us that not only is a video an absolute necessity, but it also doesn't have to break to bank to turn out absolutely fabulous!! Thanks Greg!

-Danielle & Josh

Greg is absolutely amazing! He was so natural at doing his job I almost forgot he was there! My video was breathtaking, he exceeded my expectations.


Greg provided EXCELLENT service to my Husband and I who were married on May 5, 2017. We met with Greg about 10 months before our wedding and from that moment on, he was very professional and helped us decide on the type of vision we had in mind for our special day. The day of our wedding, he was on time and excited to document the moments we would remember forever! Greg is extremely creative and once he understands the vision you are going for, he delivers! Once our wedding was over, Greg worked with us to create the best wedding video ever and he did not disappoint! Our wedding video is phenomenal and looks like a movie! Our friends and family raved over our video and we all cry whenever we watch it! 

Thank you so much Greg for your creativity, dedication, and professionalism! I will always recommend you to anyone looking for a videographer for their special event! 


I married my husband on April 30, 2017 and our wedding day was captured so beautifully by Greg. He was patient and very easy to work with. Any special requests or changes we brought to him, he did so with no hesitation!
It was truly a pleasure working with Greg! The final product of my wedding video was perfect and it is such a special memory that we will always have.
Thank you Greg for your amazing work!

Anna & Neil

Greg was absolutely wonderful! He was so easy to work with and he was so stealthy during our wedding, most of our guests didn't even know we had a videographer! When we received our wedding video (only two weeks after our wedding!), I was blown away. He did such a beautiful job, I think I cried more watching the video than I did on my actual wedding day! I'm so happy we chose Greg to be our videographer, we will cherish the amazing film he put together for years to come. I can't recommend him highly enough!!!


Working with Greg was amazing. We wanted to capture every moment, but didn't want someone filming to be a distraction to our guests. Greg did such a good job being discrete! When our video came out many guests (who were featured in the highlights) commented that they didn't even know we had a videographer. We love our video! We actually rewatched the video today - almost 2 years later just because it brings such a smile to our faces. Greg worked seamlessly with our photographer even though they met for the first time on our wedding day. Thank you Greg for all of your hard work. We received everything in a short amount of time - about 2 weeks. You helped make our day extra special by capturing all of our special moments. We are forever grateful that we can easily relive our day.


Greg Hoffman was amazing to work with. He made us so comfortable and everything felt so natural. The final products were breathtaking and I’m so thankful that we have something that beautiful to share with our family and friends.


Greg makes AMAZING videos! They’re heart warming, capture such details from your big day, and make you tear up watching them! He fits into your day seamlessly. You may even forget he’s there... until you receive your FREAKIN AWESOME video! He was responsive, professional, and really captures your couple vibe in a modern take on the classic wedding video. You will not be sorry hiring him! The screenshots I added, just to try to convey the vibe, don’t even begin to do our beautiful video justice. I honestly can’t say enough. It’s such a magical moment in time. Preserve it the eighth way with Greg! Truly wonderful.


While wedding planning my mom stumbled upon Greg‘s name and reached out to him for his availability for our wedding date. He was quick to respond, very friendly and he even was willing to drive further then he typically does for our wedding. Greg was very kind, easy-going, flexible, and professional. While filming snippets of our day Greg was extremely discreet. Greg has a very artistic way of showcasing the most beautiful day of your life. After our wedding, We received our video quickly from Greg and it came in a nice little case. We received so many compliments on our wedding video from friends, family, and coworkers. The song Greg chose to accompany our video was also perfect. I highly recommend Greg as your videographer and wish you all the best as you plan your wedding!

- maureen & brian

Greg was excellent! He filmed aspects of the wedding for our highlight film I didn’t even think to ask for, like the speeches and enterences into the reception. He delivered the highlight video back to us quickly. I am so glad we decided to go with Greg. He is absolutely worth the value!


We can not stop gushing about the AMAZING job Greg did with our wedding film. Our video was rich with color and emotion, bringing together the best of our day the way only a true artist and professional could. We have received so many compliments after showing the film from friends and family. We were very impressed with his dedication (driving over 6 hours to our venue, and then staying another 9 to capture the full event). He also gave us helpful direction throughout the day to make sure he was able to capture the best moments. my wife was really touched when he offered her parents a blank SD card when their camera phone ran out of space from taking too many pictures. He was a joy to work with, and we can not be happier with the final product.

-Felicia + Tom

Greg did a great job as the videographer for our wedding. He was a pleasure to deal with and his price was very reasonable for the exceptional product he produced. Thanks, Greg!


Greg captured our special day in a special way. Everyone we show the video to comments about how professional it is. How well edited it follows the music like it was a music video shoot. But he took facial expressions and people's real reactions and seamlessly incorporated them into a magnificent video we love to show to people. Greg is the best by far.


Greg did an amazing job! I highly recommend having him shoot your special day, he was super professional and very responsive to your needs. I was very happy with the results. Looking back, I only wish that I choose a bigger package for the day. 5 stars across the board!


I've watched my wedding video at least 50 times. That's how much I love it!!! Greg was super easy to work with and very accommodating. He made us feel comfortable and worked very quickly getting all the amazing shots that went into the music video (super important since the weather was humid and 95 degrees on our wedding day). Greg always responded immediately with any questions we had prior to and after our wedding. Just a really nice, genuine, and professional person. Thanks Greg!


My husband and I are so grateful for Greg Hoffman's creativity and artistic ability! Thank you for capturing our special day so perfectly! You are truly talented! We could not be happier with our wedding video! Thank you!