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The experience you have on your wedding day means everything. And when booking me as your wedding videographer, I feel that quality should be equally as paramount as the experience when working together. I want you to be smiling, laughing, and feeling at ease throughout the entire process.  I want you to trust in me 100%, and I want us to be friends. I'll be celebrating with you every step of the way.

The experience is so important as well for personal reasons as well. After all, your wedding videographer is the one person who will by your side more than any other person on your wedding day (other than your husband/wife, of course)! So, hiring a videographer who has not only the style of film you are wanting to cherish forever, but also a fun, outgoing attitude is so important - and that's exactly what you get with me.  And not to worry - Simply, we will have so much FUN together with everything along the way.  And that's the way it should be.

As your videographer, it's also about the results you receive at the end of the day. The film should tell your wedding story. And when you receive your movie, I want you to feel like you are reliving your wedding day all over again. In that film, you will see all the beautiful details, the energy, and the pure joy from your wedding day over and over again. And since moments are forever, every time you watch your video, you will remember those most special moments in your life time and time again.

I'll be capturing details throughout your wedding day, capturing the raw emotions, and documenting the events as they naturally unfold.  Everything will be amazing, incredible, gorgeous, and fun.

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The Investment

An investment into wedding videography is something you will cherish for your entire lifetime and the generations beyond.  After you've stored your dress, the cake has been eaten, the flowers have wilted, the guests have left, and all that's left are memories -- your moments in time remain.

As you decide on what to do for your wedding videography, keep in mind two things. First, payment plans are available. And second, everything else that you are planning for your wedding is temporary. Your moments are forever captured on film. Relive your wedding day over-and-over again with hiring the right videographer with a style you will cherish for decades (and generations) to come.’

FROM $1999

Get in touch with me for my full investment guide.

My husband and I cannot express how much we loved working with Greg! Our video is absolutely stunning and it captured our wedding day perfectly. Greg was so easy to work with and we appreciated how quickly he got his shots and how comfortable he made us feel. We never felt like we needed to “act” or repeat things in order for him to get the perfect shot. He also worked so incredibly well with our photographer. They were always on the same page and collaborated effortlessly on what they needed for photos and video so that my husband and I were able to enjoy every part of our day. We would HIGHLY recommend Greg to anyone looking for amazing quality video that captures the emotion of your special day!
— Kelly + Jon