Wedding Cinema Philosophy

My approach to creating weddings video is simple but unique. I create films that are made artistically with a cinematic style that don't intrude on my couple's day. I try to seamlessly blend into each wedding day using small camera equipment and a very minimal approach. Usually seen as just another guest, my aim is to discreetly create a beautiful, artistic story of the wedding day. I use natural light and composition as my tools rather than a host of cumbersome and intrusive video equipment.


So these days, I like to think that I can carry my approach to life into my work as a weddings video creator. I can slow down and watch what’s happening around me at each wedding. I don’t have to frantically shoot everything that I see in front of me. It’s about the quality right? By slowing down and enjoying the experience I can give so much more quality to my work. I embrace the ‘simple’ as much as I possibly can.


I shoot for 90% of the time with a single small camera and one lens. The shackles are removed and it gives me so much creative freedom to make a better weddings video. I can use my eyes to seek better light for my shots. One thinks about composition properly without relying on teams of film makers or masses of unnecessary equipment. I merge into the day seamlessly and enjoy every minute.

More often than not I go unnoticed creating my couples weddings video. Take a step back, soak in the location, atmosphere, culture and emotions, and let this translate through to my work. The camera simply becomes an extension of my eyes.