Based in Audubon New Jersey. Greg Hoffman creates films for couples looking for a timeless way to experience their wedding day through a unique lens. His style and eye for moments will ensure your story is told in a truly memorable and unique way.

Education: Ursinus College; Theatre + Business

Style: “Music Video” Style + Hollywood Trailers

slo-mo + movement + lens flair + music driven


It all started when…

I was broke and needed a wedding gift for my wife’s brother. I had a nice video camera, they didn’t have a videographer so I “graciously” offered my services despite having no clue what I was doing. It went well, they loved it, I loved it. Could this be my calling?

At the time I was teaching tennis. (a huge passion for me) but I felt I was lacking something. A desire to create SOMETHING. I wanted to combine that with my love of seeing others happy into a career. Filming weddings filled that void. I’ve been at it ever since and I love it.

My philosophy for filming weddings stems from my desire to see incredible once in a lifetime moments play out in the most unforgettable way possible. I’m a huge nerd for movie trailers. Anything Marvel, Disney, DC comics etc. I will watch a trailer 10 times because it gives me goosebumps at certain moments. I wanted to take that love of the moment. That goosebump epic feeling you get and fuse that with my wedding videography.

“Show Don’t Tell” - to sum it up. I want to show the moment where we see how much you two love each other… not just have someone talk about it. You feel moments and something amazing happens.

When I’m at your wedding, Im looking for moments. I want to capture those and weave them into something that causes you to feel the tingles when you watch them. I want you to tear up, to get goosebumps and say “I have to see it again!” when you’re done watching it. If you’ll have me, I want to create something special for you.

Something you’ll never forget.

Random Fact: “I’m a HUGE animal lover and donate time and money helping as many as I can”

Favorite Movie: The Prestige or The Dark Knight

Family life: Wife and daughter and two cats

Favorite part of filming weddings: getting to create something to show couples they will watch 100 times knowing they’ll get those goosebump moments that I live for

Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones

Favorite Book: Dresden Files

Gear: Sony Products. First video camera bought at 12 years old! ( a Sony)

Computer: Apple iMac + Final Cut Pro X

Favorite Vacation Spot: Epcot: Disneyworld

Favorite Director: Steven Spielberg

Favorite Musicians: Hans Zimmer/ John Williams