downloading your films

Your films are easily downloadable by clicking on the Download Icon in the top right corner of the video player. Once you click the icon, you can then choose the different films to download to your computer. If you would like to load your films onto your Apple TV 2, feel free to create a free account with Mediazilla and then login on your Apple Tv to instantly have your films available to watch on your TV.

Sharing your films on social media.

use one of the following links to share on your social media. Post that link to your Facebook Page, to friends, in your instagram bio, etc.



Instagram Sharing.

to share your film on Instagram. download the video to your computer and then transfer the file from computer to your phone. You can share 60 second snippets of your film to instagram at a time so you can have anywhere from 1-6 60 second instagram videos!


follow this GUIDE to get videos from computer to phone


follow this GUIDE to get videos from computer to phone

Make sure you make the video Full Screen, and not square. There’s a small button in the bottom left when you upload the video to Instagram that allows you to expand it to Full Screen

Make sure to tag @greghoffmanfilms :)

email me if you need help


Favorite stills

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