Jessa + Anthony

Working with these two was such a pleasure. It was the coldest day of the year and these two braved the elements for some amazing shots! The ceremony was gorgeous and went off perfectly. Jessa’s dads speech was tear jerking and their first dance might have been the best one I’ve ever seen! — Special thank you to Anthony + Jessa for having me be part of their special day. It was an honor to capture so many amazing moments for them.

Tiffany + Tom

An amazing wedding at Scotland Run Golf Course for two fantastic people. Tiffany is incredibly sweet and welcoming. I loved working with her before and during the wedding day. Tom was one of (if not the most) funniest guys Ive ever met. Super dry sense of humor but a great dude through and through. His vows were hilarious and emotional. Tiffany and Tom were upbeat, fun and eager to have an amazing day. Im happy it worked out so well for them.

Their Wedding Film’s song is called “I lived” by One Republic. A fantastic song for these two as the lyrics really highlight everything about the day and their feelings. It fits their laid back yet fun loving attitudes.

Tiffany said

“My husband and I used Greg for our wedding on December 1st, 2017. We are obsessed with the highlight video and the posterity. He did an amazing job at capturing our big day and making every part beautiful. He is truly talented and was a pleasure to work with. We are so happy to have chosen him to capture our big day. If you are looking for a videographer you have to choose Greg, you will not be disappointed”

Kiersten + Jaren

One of my favorite weddings to film of all time, and it wasn’t in an overpriced luxury venue, but rather a backyard! The reason being is because these two people are simply the best. Kier was an old college friend of mine I didnt hear from her for years until she found me again and asked me to film her wedding. How could I say no. Ive never met anyone who can make you smile the moment you start talking to her like she does. Her bubbly personality and infectious smile make working with her the best. This was the first time meeting Jaren her husband and he was charming, funny and everything Id want for my college friend. Both have incredible families filled with love and fun.

The song I chose is called “Perfect Day” its sweet, upbeat and fills you with a sugary bubbly warm feeling, the same feeling you’d get if you spent time with these two amazing people.

Kier says:

Greg is an awesome videographer and the easiest person to work and communicate with. One thing we really loved about him was how he was never invasive but always present. He never interrupted the flow of the day to get his shots, yet he captured them at the best moments. We also felt that his consultation with us was very thorough. He asked the right questions to understand every detail of our day but was also very understanding and easy going if we didn't have an answer. He was very flexible and went with the flow.

Something else that completely shocked us, was the return on the wedding videos, both full length and highlight reel. We literally were on our honeymoon watching our wedding video. And the highlight video was AMAZING. So many people told us how much they loved the video and how they felt like they were there! We felt like he completely captured our day from beginning to end and told our story perfectly.

Overall, we would highly recommend Greg's service. He is totally worth it.

Gloriana + Scott

Scott + Gloriana: what can I say? it was so nice getting to know these two. The venue was a place called Adelphias… I had my high school prom there! such a fun place. The day was rainy and cloudy but that stopped nothing! It was so obvious how much these two love eachother from the start. Tears and smiles all around all morning until the party kicked in…. wow, they brought glow sticks, turned down the lights and partied HARD. It was hard not to get your pulse going in that atmosphere. I had to steady my hands because my foot was tapping or body moving with all the intense music. Overall a phenomenal day!

The wedding song was chosen by Gloriana herself and I love the choice. A song called “All my life” by Wild. at :52 seconds, man if you don’t get goosebumps when you see his face… you’re not alive. The lyrics so well fit these two.

Gloriana says:

We got married a few months ago and are still completely obsessed with watching our wedding video. Greg was hired by a girlfriend of mine for her upcoming wedding. Unfortunately she had to cancel her plans and the moment I got engaged she didn't hesitate to show me his work and insisted I give him a call. Which i did and we are so happy we did! One minute into one of his videos and I knew he was the guy for the job! He really captures the love and makes your wedding night one to remember. I relive it every time I watch our video! He was super attentive and made sure we got great shots while also directing us, which we appreciated so much. Without question, he was one of the best parts of our wedding and till this day people still gush over our video.

Hannah + Paty

Hannah + Pats wedding was truly amazing. Their day began with the girls all getting ready for the big day at Hannahs amazing home. I met her 26 year old cat which being a huge animal lover, I had to pet for 5 minutes. Its so clear Hannahs friends and family have so much love for her. A huge number of people just everywhere. A lot to take in. But the day was perfect weather. The wedding planner killed it as everything was complex but went off perfectly A great philly wedding. We hit all the big spots and eventually when the first look happened. I never heard a man yell so loud with happiness. WOOOOOOOOO screamed Pat. An incredibly fun and loving guy himself. They brought their dog (again I had to pet him) which made things fun!

The day finished at the please touch museum. An amazing venue. Its under-rated as a venue. Its breathtaking. They partied late into the night with a live band, pyro technics, and a ton of food and friends.

Their wedding film was extended to the longer duration at Hannah’s request, which was awesome because it let me craft a tale of two parts. the emotional and the fun. A One Republic song starts us off and you can just feel the song take you in. We finish with an awesome upbeat fun song which does the party portion justice. Overall an awesome film with two great people!

Hannah says:

“Greg is absolutely amazing at what he does. He created a beautiful video that perfectly captures the spirit of our wedding day and we have received endless compliments on it. He is very laid back and easy to work with and it almost felt as if he were working around us, while still capturing every single moment. It definitely wasn't one of those weddings that the videographer and camera were in everyones face, you hardly knew he was there but he did not miss a beat. I HIGHLY recommend Greg for your big day!”

Michelle + Andrew

Michelle + Andrew had a chilly + windy day but man it was pretty outside. They both were awesome to work with, had a ton of friends and had a bunch of amazing moments to capture. The song you hear to begin is familiar; A thousand years by Christina Perri but then later in the film we kicked it into high gear with a more upbeat song. overall their film was a great mix of emotion + fun which perfectly captures their personalities.

My friend recommended using Greg Hoffman films for our wedding and I am so happy that we did! Working with Greg was absolutely incredible! He was very responsive and timely. We really enjoyed the entire planning process working with him and the wedding day. He arrived on time and worked so hard the entire day! I definitely recommend using Greg Hoffman Films for your wedding! -Michelle