Gloriana + Scott

Scott + Gloriana: what can I say? it was so nice getting to know these two. The venue was a place called Adelphias… I had my high school prom there! such a fun place. The day was rainy and cloudy but that stopped nothing! It was so obvious how much these two love eachother from the start. Tears and smiles all around all morning until the party kicked in…. wow, they brought glow sticks, turned down the lights and partied HARD. It was hard not to get your pulse going in that atmosphere. I had to steady my hands because my foot was tapping or body moving with all the intense music. Overall a phenomenal day!

The wedding song was chosen by Gloriana herself and I love the choice. A song called “All my life” by Wild. at :52 seconds, man if you don’t get goosebumps when you see his face… you’re not alive. The lyrics so well fit these two.

Gloriana says:

We got married a few months ago and are still completely obsessed with watching our wedding video. Greg was hired by a girlfriend of mine for her upcoming wedding. Unfortunately she had to cancel her plans and the moment I got engaged she didn't hesitate to show me his work and insisted I give him a call. Which i did and we are so happy we did! One minute into one of his videos and I knew he was the guy for the job! He really captures the love and makes your wedding night one to remember. I relive it every time I watch our video! He was super attentive and made sure we got great shots while also directing us, which we appreciated so much. Without question, he was one of the best parts of our wedding and till this day people still gush over our video.

Greg Hoffman